Saturday, February 21, 2009

Upcoming workshops

Feb. 27, 28 to Mar. 1 Pendle Hill

Mar. 13 to 15 Powell House Retreat Center

Minute of Travel

Susan (Sue) Regen has a well-established concern for encouraging the practice of forgiveness as a spiritual discipline. This concern originated in and has had a profound impact upon her personal life. Since 2002 she has been led to support others in this work by providing workshops to Friends in monthly meetings, at Attica Prison Worship Group, at gatherings
of Friends General Conference and Friends Conference on Religion and Psychology, as well as at retreats at Pendle Hill, Powell House, Woolman Hill Quaker Center, and Ben Lomond Quaker Center. In addition, many individuals have been led to ask for Sue’s support and counsel as they work with forgiveness issues in their lives. Starting in 2008, Sue will be available to travel with her forgiveness work as a member of the Friends General Conference's Traveling Ministries Program.

Rochester Friends Meeting has appointed an ongoing support committee and has established
a fund to support this work. Rochester Friends Meeting takes this ministry under its care,
and approves a minute of travel for Sue in this work.

Rochester Monthly Meeting
New York Yearly Meeting
July 2008

Forgiveness: A Definition

Forgiveness is something I choose to do within myself so that I can go back into relationship(s) with love.

Forgiveness is not forgetting the hurt. In fact, we cannot truly forgive if we forget.

Forgiveness is not condoning another’s behavior.

Forgiveness is a process of releasing pain and suffering.

The Benefits of Forgiveness

•Freedom from pain
•Deeper connection with
the Divine
•Sense of release